Mobile Application UI Design

Are you interested in getting into the BOOMING mobile application market?

UI/UX designers make approximately $40-100/hr and in very high demand.

This course will enable you the skills to build clean and attractive UI designs for iOS (Apple) and Android products. This class is designed for people who already have a working knowledge of computers and some beginner to intermediate design knowledge. Please note that the course is focused on UX/UI design and not so much coding, you will go through some information that will assist you on understanding developmental requirements and specifications.

Mobile applications are different from mobile websites because they are stand-alone software programs meant exclusively for mobile devices. While mobile websites otherwise and/or responsive websites are websites designed for multiple viewing purposes (such as computers, tablets and smart phones) and viewed through an internet browser. Mobile applications are the items you would find in iTunes or Google Play for download while a mobile website. You will find more information on this during the course so that you will become an expert.

We will begin by looking into the details of each popular mobile device and how they relate to your designs. You will be encouraged to share your work with your classmates, engage in discussion and learn to utilize constructive criticism. To determine your progress, you will be given a weekly quiz and a practical assignment.

You will prepare a working model otherwise known as a proof of concept (POC) and understand how to properly balance functionality with appeal. You will find out that a UX/UI designer plays a very important role in website, software and mobile application development. I like to think of a UI/UX designer as an architect and the coders as the builders.

Finally, we will be designing an entire five screen mobile application that would be ready to have over to coders. After this class, you will be ready to take on the vast UI Mobile Application market with confidence on the road to success!

UI/UX is still relatively new with tons of opportunities. Get in while the door is still wide open and hungry for people with this skill set.

Applicable Job Roles: mobile application UI designer, software UI designer, web UI designer, mobile application developer, icon designer, mobile application developer, UX/UI architect, project manager

Week 1: Getting Started
  • Mobile applications vs. Mobile websites – Which is better for what?
  • Introduction to mobile devices & specs
  • A Brief History of Devices
  • iOS vs. Android vs. Others – War of the Titans
Week 2: Planning Ahead
  • Recognizing user friendly elements
  • UI/UX basics & planning
  • Creating a Wireframe – Becoming a Digital Architect
  • Building a Flowchart – What’s the next step?
Week 3: Visual Elements
  • Understanding Color Psychology – What appeals to the masses?
  • Applying attractive shapes
  • Wireframe to Concept – Begin bringing your design to life.
Week 4: Modern Styles
  • Emphasis and blending – What should stand out?
  • Functional graphical elements
  • Understanding various styles – Web 2.0, iOS7, etc.
Week 5: Icons & Branding
  • iOS & Android restrictions on icons
  • Tips and tricks on creating custom icons
  • Popular icon styles & sets – Icons can make or break a design.
Week 6: Testing your Design
  • Proof of Concept – Otherwise known as POC
  • Gathering feedback and revising your design
  • Enhancing your communication skills
Week 7: Cross Compatible
  • Adjust images for various devices and operating systems
  • Portrait display vs. Landscape display – How does it affect the outcome?
  • Slicing & preparing images for coding
  • Confirming your design
Week 8: Building Your App
  • Final Mobile Application Assignment
  • Solid knowledge of computers
  • No prior knowledge of mobile applications is necessary but having used or currently owning a Smartphone/tablet will help dramatically.
  • Require Adobe Illustrator (G401) or Photoshop level 1 (G301) or equivalent graphic skills.
  • Good ability to learn new software and internet skills.
  • Student will require a working copy of a good design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw or InkScape (free at
  • Requires about 10 hours per topic or more given the student's dedication.
  • A website space to upload projects for viewing and feedback is preferable.
  • Recommends the following hosting providers

Additional information:

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How eClasses Work:Instructors post lectures (text-based, no video or audio), reading selections, and hands-on assignments once a week in the online classroom. Students can discuss the assignments with the instructor and amongst themselves in the classroom area. This format has no set meeting time, which allows students to attend class at a time most convenient to them, yet still provides logically organized communication between class participants. Students can apply for the completion certificate after finishing the class.


Price: $240.00
IWA Member Price: $140.00
Course No.: D400
Instructor Robert Kerr
CEUs 4
Duration 8 weeks
Cost 60
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Instructor's Profile:

For over the past 10 years, Robert has accumulated an outstanding ability in the area graphical design. Starting with logo design and later evolving into UI/UX design for mobile applications, websites, video games and other digital arts. He has been honored with clients from around the globe, including major corporations and educational institutes. These clients include Harvard Medical, Bright Idea Inc., University of Michigan and Activision.

He currently runs a design firm called, “Snova Designs”. He has written published articles on design and guides on how to successfully freelance.

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